Free MurderNovels Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzles

I've already put part of this puzzle together.

I now have clever jigsaw puzzles of all my book covers that you can play with on your own computer.

Here's how it works, after you download the puzzle, open the zip file, save the program to your desktop, then click on the icon that has the puzzle. The self opening program will start your screen with the puzzle as you can see above. There are a few things to know, first there is a little box on the left that shows the picture of the completed puzzle to help you.

You can shut off the picture by clicking in the little box on the top of the window. You can resize the box by clicking one of the group of squares on the bottom of the box, making it larger or smaller.

The puzzle pieces can be clicked and dragged around to where you want them and to join them just line up the pieces so they click together. Simple! Just a hint, some pieces may hide under the picture or other pieces, so you have to move them around to expose the hidden ones, the picture will move anywhere you want it if you don't hide it. You can also move a whole group of pieces at one time by click and drag. Play with it, you'll figure it out.

To get one of my puzzles, you can download the puzzle of your choice from the list below. Right click on the book name and select "save to", save it to where you can open the zip file and save it again. Then click on the program icon and play with it.

Classmate Murders
Vegas Showgirl Murders
Dominatrix Murders
Mistress murders
Bridezilla Murders
Magic Murders
Strip Club Murders
Made-for-TV Murders
Mystery Cruise Murders
Talk Show Murders
Sin City Murders
Black Widow Murders

For a real challenge, try this puzzle, all twelve books in one picture!

To download this puzzle RIGHT CLICK HERE AND SAVE!

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