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Classmate Murders
Review from Amazon by Michele Tater, the Couch Tater Review

This was a review that I didn't know about until I read the link on Twitter,
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Kindle Author Interview: Bob Moats

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AuthorsBookshop Blog post

This is sort of a review, it's about the paperback books I have for sale
on Authors Bookshop, this blog is written by the owner.
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Great Review of my 1st book "Classmate Murders" by Latoya Alloway.
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Melanie's Book Addiction review by Melanie Vautour, Canada

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GoodReads Book Review by @Pinkbagels

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Thrillers Rock Twitter Blog
review by Cristyn West, author of PLAIN JANE

Review of my 1st book "Classmate Murders" by author Cristyn West.
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Review of my 1st book "Classmate Murders" at written by Pat Pillars.
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Book Review by Joanne Chase

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What the Readers Are Saying

"The Public is the Only Critic Whose Opinion is Worth Anything at All"
Mark Twain

It's people like the one's below, that keep me writing. Thank you all!
Bob Moats

Below are some of the emails I have recently (2012) received from new readers. These are a few of the people who keep me writing.

"comments: Mr. Moats, I just got your novel "Classmate Murders" and have to let you know, I read it in one evening. That is the first book I have ever done that with. That was the most enjoyable book I have ever read.

I just started reading ebooks, and reading again, after getting my wife a Kindle. This book was my 12th, and the best. I just got Las Vegas Showgirls to (read) tomorrow evening. :).

I look forward to reading many of your books in this series. I have been searching for an author and books that were fun, entertaining reads. Your books are just the ticket.

Regards, A new fan
Bill from South Carolina"


I really enjoyed this book, loved getting to know the characters and I am looking forward to reading more books in this series. Would highly recommend this book.


Hi Bob, I just had to write you... Last week I purchased a Nook Soft Touch ereader. I was downloading free ebooks and downloaded "Classmate Murders" from Barnes & Noble. I read it that night and enjoyed it so much that I went to search for the next one ( as listed at end of the book). Read it and searched again. After reading the second one, I did a search from my ereader for you and bought ALL of the books. So in the last week I have read all of the Jim Rrichards books. Finished the last one early this morning. I only read at night 10-6 when my neighbor is asleep.

As I read the books I some times laughed and some times cried. I could relate to Jim as we are both in the 60s. I liked how "Jim" refers to previous murders in each book. That is great for any one who has not read the books in order and also as fast as I did.

Any way, I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the books.

Nancie S.


Another very nice comment submitted through my website from a person named Micki P.:

"I recently was given a kindle for my 60th birthday. The first book I downloaded was the Classmate Murders and have now read every one of the them. Today I started on the Fatal Rejection series. Thank-You for the wonderful ride with Jim and Penny and all the rest of the troop. I have laughed and giggled thru the stories, my poor family gave me the strangest looks! Now I really want a little Yorkie!! Fatal Rejection so far is another great read! I will be looking out for more of Jim Richards and since you are my #1 Author, anything of yours I can find."


Received another comment on my books from Chanel:

"On December 26th while playing around with my Kindle and looking for new and interesting books to read I happened upon Classmate Murders and decided to give it a whirl. Well today is January 3, 2012 and I have since finished Classmate Murders and all that followed and am today starting Bridezilla Murders. I absolutely LOVE the characters and the way they all mesh. Jim and Penny are my heroes, I want to be in love like that when I am in my 60's. God Bless and Continued Success. Thank you for providing such a roller-coaster of love, intrigue and mystery and showing that no matter how old you get you are not out of the game until you are "out" of it!"


Another feedback comment, from Jim who sent this:

"Finally figured out how to get to that copy of Fatal Rejection you sent to my kindle. Thanks for the copy. It was much, much better than Classmates. I would really have to nitpick to say anything negative. Kinda reminded me of a Joe Konrath or Blake Crouch book.

Best compliment I can make is that I started Fatal Rejection right after I finished Litigators by Grisham and really didn't notice any change in quality of writing.

Can you notify me when your next book is available?"


Received a feedback form reply on my website from a Cassy B. Here's what she said:

"Well, I just finished all 22 of your novels. I certainly hope you are hard at work at your laptop. I haven't run straight through a series since John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series.

I thoroughly enjoy your characters, the plot twists and the humor in all your stories. Keep them coming!"


Just stopping by to say I think I liked Fatal Departure even more than Fatal Rejection, which I loved. Hope you are busy on the sequel 'cuz I am all out of Bob Moats books now. Have a very Happy New Year!!

From Susan Haughton, Virginia. From Facebook.


Bob, I just finished the Classmate Murders. It was a damn good read, my friend. it reminded me of the old style Mickey Spillane and Earl Stanly Gardner mysteries. Did you ever read the old Max Brand western books. Your style is quite similar...easy reading, strong central character, good supporting actors, good guy gets girl...rides off in the sunset. I just downloaded the Vegas Showgirl Murders and will start on it tonight. Quick fun reads. (Quoted from Facebook.)

ATTENTION AUTHORS. If you want to see how a master handles POV, Point Of View, visit Bob Moats' website,, Bob's method of writing first person POV is excellent. His main character is Jim Richards, who takes the reader through a seamless narrative / dialogue that captures the reader on the first page. Probably the best use of POV in the biz today. (Quote From Facebook, 03/07/11)

It's true Bob, I kept trying to think of what it was that hooked me so fast, and then I realized it was your way of having everything go through Jim. Excellent execution. I'm half way through the Show Girls...Super mystery. The Stratosphere scene had my hair on end. (Quote From Facebook, 03/07/11)



I just finished reading the Classmate Murders. I honestly did not think I would read more than a few lines. I read the entire book without ceasing. I loved the story, the characters and all the adventure. I laughed through most of it and took sides with the good guys. I will certainly be reading more of your books. Excellent unique stlye of writing.

Susan Richardson, Detroit, Michigan.


Just finished reading Classmate Murders and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I'm not as big a reader as my sister but I do have to say that you held my attention from cover to cover and I loved the twists and turns, especially the ending. Now that's a good book. And I also appreciate the length of your stories. I guess my attention span isn't what it used to be so I have a tendency to shy away from long stories.

Barbara Sammons, photographer, artist, North Carolina.


'The Classmate Murders' by Bob Moats is one of my favorite detective novels about senior citizen sleuth Jim Richards's first adventure with murder as he tries to figure out why his classmates are being murdered one by one. The first of this series of novels follows Jim's realization that he is a detective at heart and it is where we are first introduced to all of Jim's friends (Buck) and family including his love Penny whom he saves from a horrible demise.

It was with this novel that I was completely hooked on the story of Jim and Penny and their many adventures catching murderers. When I finish one I am always on the edge of my seat waiting for Bob Moats' next story in the series.

Bob Moats can tell a great story and his books are always easy to read. So pick up your copy today of this excellent detective story (at a great price too!) and get hooked on Jim's adventures.

Classmate Murders review written by Boni J. Rychener for Kindle


I laughed throughout your books (only 3 so far). You have a wild imagination...
The adventures of Jim Richards are amazing and very fast moving. Keeping Penny closely involved with his personal and public life is great. Penny keeps him light-hearted and grounded. With his police friends and crazy Buck helping him, they put their own spin on the adventures. The different leads of the Dominatrix Murders kept me guessing throughout the book. When I thought I knew who the murderer was, you proved me wrong. With the strong friendships of the characters and murder mysteries you create, I'm laughing hard as I'm guessing who did it!

Delinda - @goodeenuff on Twitter


This Blog comment was written by Brad Grochowski who owns and maintains the Authors Bookshop where I sell my paperbacks now.

Sep. 24, 2010

"AuthorsBookshop gets Murdered"

Posted by: IndieBookMan:

I would like to welcome a new indie Publisher Partner to AuthorsBookshop – and the IndieBookMan realm.

Magic 1 Productions has published a series of mystery novels, each with a “murder” themed title. Titles such as Magic Murders, Made-for-TV Murders and Talk Show Murders cover the more staid who-done-it bases, while the likes of Vegas Showgirl Murders, Dominatrix Murders and Mistress Murders seem to angle more along the lines of who-done-what-to-who.

Owner and author Bob Moats is a true (and prolific) indie publisher. He is demonstrating excellent use of the author-owned publishing company model that I am so fond of. His books are great, peppy and fun – and he is working hard to create his own market for them. He is even doing the printing and binding himself (as I did with my book.) That’s indie dedication.

Bob wrote to me:

"When I first started writing I was looking at the options to get my books to the public. I have no illusions that a publisher will ever pick me out of the crowd and already have a few rejections, so I am going the “indie” way of publishing. If you have visited my website you’ll see how far I have gone, even to printing and binding my own paperbacks."

And as for demand? Well, I have already started shipping out orders for the Murder series, even though they have just gone live… so there is definitely a market for Magic 1 Production’s books. Perhaps the rejection letters Mr. Moats received were a little short-sighted?

You can see list of all the books at

By Brad Grochowski
Brad is the IndieBookMan. He is the founder and owner of, and his book is "The Secret Weakness of Dragons".


"I've had the pleasure of meeting Bob Moats, @MurderNovels, on Twitter. He is the author of several "murder novels" with the first in the series being "THE CLASSMATE MURDERS". He gave me the opportunity to read "THE CLASSMATE MURDERS" which I found to be totally enjoyable. I must say the author weaves a wicked story plus his humor is a hoot! I shall not go into the plot because I don't want to ruin the read, but the novel will catch your interest within the first few pages. I recommend reading "THE CLASSMATE MURDERS", but you might catch yourself looking behind you all of the time."

Doug Hardin (@glimmerghost on Twitter)


"Just started Bob Moats' "The Classmate Murders" WOW. That's all I've got to say. The man can write :-)"
"Jan 9, 2010.... if you don't make best seller's list 1 day - well - there's something wrong w/that!"

Cristyn West (@CristynWest on Twitter)
Author of "PLAIN JANE" crime thriller endorsed by James Rollins


"Every now and again you stumble upon something wonderful on the internet. Bob Moats' Classmate Murders is an excellent blend of Elmore Leonard and Philip Marlowe sensibilities, with an unexpected hero well into his sixties, downsized from his job and forced into an early retirement he can't afford. The character is easy to relate to, the story itself a wonderful suspenseful ride with a cast of interesting characters, and damn if it isn't some great detective writing. If you like your crime novels gritty, with a touch of biker sensibility and a side of arthritis, you'll love Bob Moat's work."

M. Jones (@pinkbagels on Twitter)
Author of "314 CRESCENT MANOR"


"I went online this morning and read your book. I thought at first that I would only read a few pages, but got sucked into it and read all 11 chapters. You are a very good writer! I read quite a bit and often pick up "Airport paperback mysteries" to read on a plane. Most of them are dreadful, with obvious plots. Classmate Murders is a much better story than most."

Ray Zink, Rice, Minn.


"I got up to chapter ten of the Classmate Murders and decided then to buy the next two books."... "Just finished your third book, the Dominatrix Murders. I thought it was the best one of the three, didn't want to put it down till I finished it. I looked forward to see how Penny would greet (Jim) every day after her show. Keep the books coming can't wait for the next one. Finished reading Sin City Murders, it is the best of all the books!"

A. Norris, retired Naval Corpsman


"Classmate Murders is well written and keeps the reader involved and wondering what will happen next throughout the book. Showgirl Murders keeps the reader involved throughout the story and keeps you guessing as to who the murderer is until very near the end."

G. Shurig, Kalamazoo


"If you like mysteries and action then don't miss reading this book."

Jan Schneider, avid mystery/crime reader


"I finished the book last night, and really enjoyed it. I can only read a book that fast when it keeps my interest, so that should tell you a lot. I would recommend this book to others. I look forward to reading the next installment of the book."

M. K., retired Chrysler Admin.


"Thanks for making me immortal, love the stories, your friend, Buck."

The real "Buck" Carver.


"I haven't finished the book yet, when I enjoy a book, I take my time, but I want to buy the other two books. I compare your writing to a Mickey Spillane novel, and I like your style, very narrative. I'm amazed you don't have a publisher yet."

Michael Rasah, Professor of History, avid mystery/crime reader.


"Your books have been a joy to read. They keep me interested until the last page is turned. Keep up the good Work!"

B. Scharmann, Rochester Hills, Michigan


"Bob, I LOVED it. It reminds me a lot of Colombo, I can see Jim as a regular guy, not a smooth talker, but able to outwit the bad guys. The characters were great and I love the way you describe so many of them. Everyone has a Homecoming Queen that turned out not to be that great in later years. Some of your other characters were fun to read about. The one in the beauty parlor comes to mind too. I can't think of any corrective criticism. I will have my husband read it, he reads all the time. I think he will love the book too."

Joyce Van Houzen-Stacy, B.A.,M.B.A.


"Bob, I finished the book yesterday and I must admit, you impressed me. Wonderful reading and I guess I felt like I was there and actually knew the characters! Kudos my friend, and I will be reading the rest as I get time. I guess Fraser tawt usen's gooder englshes. LOL"

Ken Boggs, former 1967 classmate of "murdered cheerleaders."


"Bob, my brother, Bill, sent all seven of your Jim Richard's novels for me to read. I loved them. They were interesting and fast moving. You did good and I hope you write some more of them. I gave the books to my daughter and now she says she is hooked! I enjoy your books and I want to see more of them. It is hard to find books of this type. Concise and interesting. We need more books like these. Getting published is a real war. I hope you have good luck with them. You have a talent for writing novels the way I think they should be written. Regards,"

Fred Scharmann, Avon, OH


"Moats does the job. Very beautifully written. A must read!"

Joanne Chase, book reviewer,, Reviewed January 9, 2010


I love reading about people who murder people in stories. Thanks for the rants! I'm glad I lucked onto your site. I started reading murder mystery in 5th grade and now almost 5 decades later, I'm still an addict. A book isn't a book if someone doesn't die. Face it.

Birgitte Necessary, Added: 01/23/10


Murder novels aren't my usual fare but this sweet, suspenseful and often humorous series draws you in and keeps you guessing to the end. I've read all eight (some of them twice) and hope to see more coming soon. I recommend following Jim Richards adventures but take care, murder seems to follow him!

Tia L Brink, Added: 02/28/10


Comments From Twitter:


"@DonovanCreed - Bob Moats is amazing! He writes, designs, prints, & hand-publishes his books! A true labor of love! I'm so proud to know him!"
"@DonovanCreed - We all talk a great game about writing, but when you see how hard a guy like Bob is working to make it's...Wow!"
"@DonovanCreed - Thanks Bob! You've immortalized me (sort of!) Also, I just finished Classmate Murders--well done! Rockin' good fun!"

John Locke, Author of Donovan Creed series, "Lethal People", "Lethal Experiment", "Saving Rachel" and just released "Now & Then".


"@odellawilson - I over slept this morn Bob. After I started reading "Classmate Murders" I couldn't put it down, lol. I loved it! Keep writing!"
"@odellawilson LMAO, He thought he did die - at first - it made me giggle (Jim makes me giggle a lot, so does Deacon)"
"@odellawilson Hi Bob read couple chapters last night, lol Loving Vegas Showgirls! Ur books can't be said to be slow reading! Fast pace, exciting"
"@odellawilson Finished reading "Vegas Showgirl Murders" at 5am this morn, couldn't put it back down! (gigglin) Thanks (saw white light, huh)"
"@odellawilson Bob, U have unique style of writing thats awesome! Murder, mystery, romance & comedy (was hoping Trapper got slapped, lmao)
"@odellawilson FINALLY got chance 2 read "The Dominatrix Murders" by Bob Moats & I wasn't disappointed 4sure. Books keep getting better
"@odellawilson Bob, if you don't make best seller's list 1 day - well - there's something wrong w/that! Always look 4ward 2 your writings.
"@odellawilson Never disappointed, I read "Mistress Murders" by Bob Moats, again found myself about 2 pee pants lmao while on edge of seat.

ODella Wilson, Writer, Blogger.


"@careaware - I gave up on Wolf Hall and am reading your book. It's funny, charming, and LOVE the characters in my own age group! I'm enjoying it a lot.

Francine Jewett


"@bjrychener to @MurderNovels don't worry - i won't tell!!! but it was an excellent story!!! i couldn't put it down until i finished it last night!!! I am hooked on Jim and Penny... :)
"Boni J Rychener via Bob Moats: great murder/mystery novelist! check him out!! Classmate Murders was one of the best crime novels I have read... I am hooked!!!"
"Boni J Rychener - got the book (Dominatrix) in the mail yesterday Bob and I am already almost done... just can't seem to put your books down once I start reading!!! ;)"

B.J. Rychener


"@glimmerghost to @MurderNovels - Bob, started on your book. Interesting approach! I really like it!"
"@glimmerghost Bob, at page 129 of your CLASSMATE MURDERS. Very entertaining! I really, really like it! Hope to finish it soon. Doug"
@glimmerghost to @MurderNovels You're a slippery devil. Almost finished with CLASSMATE MURDERS. You weave a wicked tale. Recommend it!

Doug Hardin, Deputy Sheriff, RN and Author of "HIDDEN AND IMMINENT DANGERS" a pandemic thriller.


"@Lcollier10: Hiya Bob, i have a numb bum right now but can't drag myself away from pc ! Lovin the Classmate Murders and all the characters !"
"@Lcollier10: I'm up to chapter 11, page 136 and completely lost in the story. It's great stuff, thanks for sending it to me :o))) (big smile !)"

L. Collier, mother of 3, loves reading, from London, England.


@Soylady - Just finished Classmate Murders! I thought it was great! Love the characters! Off to buy the next one : )

Janine AKA Soylady, business owner, Things that Make Scents, New Jersey


"VariantVal to @MurderNovels - I was so surprised when I found out who the killer was.. I didn't see it coming at all!!"
"VariantVal to @MurderNovels I loved Mystery Cruise Murders Bob!!! Well written and couldn't wait to find out what happens next!!!"

Val Brooks, beauty consultant and Blogger/, Florida


"@LindaKennero to @VariantVal oh damn now i need to finish the book i dont have time to tweet or work..."
"@LindaKennero to @VariantVal okey give me 30 min... if i'm not done in 30min with the book u can kill me. "

Linda Kennero, health care, Sweden.